Best Insulin Cooler: Review and Buying Guide

Diabetes might not be a curable disease, but it sure is manageable. That’s what insulin is for. With the help of insulin shots, a diabetes patient can live a normal life. However, one thing to remember about insulin is that it needs to be kept at a cold temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. If it is not kept at this specific temperature, the insulin will go bad and be destroyed.

So, what can you do when you are traveling and need to take your insulin shots with you? You buy the best insulin cooler that will keep your insulin at the right temperature. These coolers are very useful and can come in handy in a variety of situations.

There is a wide variety available out there which you can choose from. You just have to make sure that you get the insulin cooler that provides you with great features and fulfills your needs. In this article, we will review some of the best insulin coolers and narrow down the list for you to make your decision easier.

5 Best Insulin Coolers Review

Cooluli Mini Fridge Review

Cooluli Mini Fridge Review

Cooluli Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Mini Fridge is perfect for people who travel. The good thing about this fridge is that it serves two purposes: it is a cooler as well as a heater. The space of the cooler is big enough for you to fit four 16-ounce bottles or six 12-ounce cans easily.
Main Features

The Cooluli Mini Fridge works on thermoelectric technology rather than a compressor. This means that there is a tiny device inside the cooler that keeps the heat out of it with the help of a fan to keep the temperature inside low. The technology can also work in reverse, i.e., if you want to heat food or water, the cooler can warm up to approximately 144 degrees Fahrenheit (62.2 degrees Celsius).

Another great thing about this cooler is that it is incredibly lightweight and portable. It weighs only 5 lb., which makes it the best choice for traveling. You can fit it anywhere, from your car to your nightstand or office desk because its height is no more than a foot.

This cooler comes with three power source options. You can connect it to an AC wall outlet, to a power bank using a USB port, or a DC outlet. This makes it quite versatile and perfect to take on trips.

Offers a good cooling and heating performance
Lightweight and great for travels
Multiple power options
Consumes low energy
Doesn’t make any noise

• Limited capacity
• Cooling performance is worse than a mini-fridge with compressor.

• The dimensions of the cooler are 10” L x 7.25” W x 11” H
• The weight of the cooler is approximately 5 lb.
• It can cool and warm
• The cooling technology it uses is thermoelectric
• The storage capacity of the cooler is equal to six 12-ounce cans or four 16-ounce bottles.


Cooluli Mini Fridge Review

This cooler is perfect for you if you are looking for something to take on your fishing and camping trips to store your insulin along with some drinks. You can also keep it in your bedroom on a nightstand and store makeup products or anything else that can fit in it.

2. Frio Insulin Cooling Case Review

Frio Insulin Cooling Case Review

Frio Insulin Cooling Case

The Frio Insulin Cooling Cases are small bags or pouches that are specially designed to store insulin on travels. These little bags are convenient because they can keep insulin cold even in extreme heat.

Main Features
Frio cases have the exact temperature needed to keep in-use insulin alive, which is around 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. Remember that in-use insulin and the one not in use are kept at different temperatures. Hence, this case is not too useful for storing insulin that hasn’t been used yet.

These offer a range of sizes to choose from. There is a Small Double, Large and Extra-Large wallet, though each one has limited capacity.

These bags are made with a material that stops the heat from getting inside. A similar condition applies in cold weather. Since the bag is so small, you can carry it around anywhere you want.

You can fit it in your purse or backpack and even take it to school. It also comes in various designs and colors, so it doesn’t look like a clinical bag and looks cool to carry around.

Another remarkable thing about it is that you can reuse it many times. You can reactivate it for up to a month.



• Portable and lightweight
• Looks like a small pouch or wallet and can be carried around inside a handbag
• Provides the required temperature
• Reusable
• Offers various sizes
• Simple to use

• Not suitable for insulin that hasn’t been used yet
• Might start smelling after a while of usage.

• The weight of the cooler is 1 ounce
• The dimensions of the cooler are 7.25” L x 3” W x 0.25” H
• The materials used for manufacturing it are Velcro, polyamide nylon and crystals (sodium polyacrylate)
• Inner wallet dimensions are 140 mm W x 180 mm L (5.5” W x 7” L)
• It comes in many sizes and designs

This is the perfect solution for keeping your insulin cold. The materials are of high quality and do the job. Plus, the case is easy to carry around and can easily fit in your travel bag.

Frio Insulin Cooling Case review

3. Fencia Insulin Cooler Review

Fencia Insulin Cooler Review

Fencia Insulin Cooler

The Fencia Insulin Cooler is a stylish and fancy-looking box that keeps your insulin cold and active and allows you to travel with it without any worries. It is specially designed for carrying insulin pens.

Main Features

The Fencia refrigerated box consumes less power than other insulin coolers and provides an excellent cooling performance. It can run on a minimum power of 1.1 V. Furthermore, it comes with three power options. You can charge it with your home power supply (AC), in your car (DC), or through a USB cable with your power bank.

It is made with durable material and has a beautifully built body that can fit anywhere you want. It is lightweight and easy to carry around, so it’s portable and an excellent choice for traveling. You can use it in the car, home, office or any other place.

The temperature of the cooler ranges from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, which is the perfect temperature to keep insulin alive. Since the body is made of solid materials, the risk of damaging the insulin is non-existent.

• Portable and lightweight
• Durable
• Multiple power options
• Consumes low power

• No noticeable drawbacks

• Its dimensions are 207 mm L x 94 mm W x 91 mm H
• The power options include car power, USB cable, and house power
• The temperature range is from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius
• The storage space is around 176 mm L x 60 mm W x 26 mm H

It truly is one of the best insulin coolers in the market. If you want something small, strong and beautiful that will keep your insulin alive, the Fencia Insulin Cooler is the perfect answer.

Fencia Insulin Cooler Review

4. Dison Care Insulin Cooling Bottle Review

Dison Care Insulin Cooling Bottle Review

Dison Care Insulin Cooling Bottle

This product is somewhat different from other insulin coolers as it is a bottle rather than a box. It offers many useful functions which cannot be ignored. It is great for traveling since it’s a bottle and won’t even look weird when you hold it in your hands.

Main Features

This insulin cooler by Dison Care was mainly created for insulin injections, insulin refills, or any kind of vaccine and medication that needs to be kept in cold temperatures. It can keep the temperature from 2 to 8 degree Celsius, which is perfect for insulin. It can maintain this temperature for up to 35 hours.

The bottle is lightweight and easy to carry around. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be charged, so you won’t have to worry about keeping it working. This bottle consists of a cold storage bottle and a cooler cup.

The cold storage bottle has an environmentally friendly liquid called Natural Biogel and is not at all harmful to health. The gel keeps the temperature inside the bottle cold.

The external body is made of stainless steel, and the bottle is FDA-approved. Its cooling performance is far better than freezing bags.
• Made of non-toxic, cruelty-free materials
• Great cooling performance
• Portable and lightweight
• Wide space


• Expensive but you get what you pay for.
• Its weight is approximately 500 g
• It has a storage capacity of 190 mm H x 36.5 mm D, which means it can store 6 normal-sized insulin pens or 42 insulin refills
• The bottle is FDA approved
• Inner cooling gel is made of natural products

The Dison Care Insulin Cooling Bottle is an excellent product to keep insulin safe. It won’t be much of a problem to carry around, and you can easily keep it anywhere.

Dison Care Insulin Cooling Bottle Review

AIJUN Insulin Cooler Case Review

AIJUN Insulin Cooler Case Review

AIJUN Insulin Cooler Case

This product is designed to offer the exact temperature needed for insulin. It is a must-have if you need something for your travels or daily use.
Main Features

Unlike any other insulin cooler, this one has a wide LCD that displays information like time and temperature of the cooler. It also allows you to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Plus, the antifreeze feature of this cooler is quite amazing and unique as it prevents the insulin from freezing.

The AIJUN Insulin Cooler Case is environmentally friendly because it uses thermoelectric technology. The temperature of the cooler ranges from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius and keeps the insulin cool for 8 hours on a single charge. It supports three recharging options: USB cable, home power supply, and a car charger.

It’s a small and lightweight device that can fit anywhere in a bag, car, office desk or anywhere else. The battery in the device is a powerful lithium-ion battery that charges quickly and avoids any delays.

• Uses thermoelectric technology
• Lightweight and portable
• Large compartment
• Fast-charging lithium-ion battery
• Durable
• The battery compartment has no screw to close it

• The measurements of the cooler are 187 mm L x 80 mm W x 68 mm H
• It is a thermoelectric refrigerator
• The refrigeration space is 170 mm L x 55 mm W x 23 mm H
• The battery capacity of the cooler is 6,000 mAh
The AIJUN Insulin Cooler Case is made with modern technology, and the material used in it is solid and durable. It is the perfect insulin case for traveling, camping, and other kinds of trips.

Cooluli Mini Fridge Review

Insulin Cooler Buying Guide

Insulin coolers have immense importance, so getting the right one is necessary. If you are traveling and your cooler doesn’t work the way it should, you might end up getting sick. Here are a few factors you need to check before buying an insulin cooler:

Storage Space
The storage space determines how many insulin vials or pens you can carry. The larger the storage, the more insulin you can carry. If you are planning on going for a long trip, make sure you get one with a large storage compartment.

Cooling Mechanism
Your choice between a rechargeable battery cooler or one that works with icepacks depends on where you will use it. If you will have access to power, the rechargeable one is your best shot. Moreover, you should make sure the product’s cooling time is at least 8 hours.

The size of the cooler matters just as much as anything else. Since you would most probably be buying an insulin cooler for your travels, the size of the ideal cooler should not be bigger than a box. The size also determines the weight, so you’ll need something with a compact design and lightweight if you want to travel around with it.

Price is a crucial factor when buying anything. However, don’t just go for the cheapest option because it is a matter of your health. There are many models available that provide good features with durability at a reasonable price. Do thorough research and make sure you get the best insulin cooler.

Concluding Thoughts
All the models mentioned above are considered some of the best. If you choose any one of them, you can be guaranteed the best results. We would personally recommend the Dison Care Insulin Cooling Bottle as it provides a lot of storage space and doesn’t take much space. It’s also great for traveling.

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